Friday, May 17, 2013

a few cards by Thomas

Since we have a lot of visitors coming over from our Featured Friday post over at Operation Write Home (aka OWH around here), I thought I would post a few cards that Thomas has created over the past few years...
This is the Pooh card he mentions in his comments.

 Here is another Pooh card. He has since discovered that if he heat embosses the sentiment when he uses silver ink, it won't smear and need to be redone as often. Added bonus to that discovery, using the heat gun.... Using the smoother backside of the textured cardstock also helps... ;)

 Corner punches discovered.... ;)

Ribbon. Dry embossing. Heat embossing. Tools, tools, and more tools.... ;)

I have pictures of some of his more recent cards, but they are buried in the file of cards....   As I sort through them, I'll post more of his work. I can't wait until summer & we have more time to sit and create together. :)


  1. What a great group of cards! I enjoyed your OWH Featured Friday post so much today and was actually a bit surprised as I didn't recall Thomas being discussed in your blog posts and I just love the thought that you craft together. I look forward to seeing more creations by both of you on the blog and congratulations again on being Featured on the OWH Stars & Stamps Blog!

    Paula S.
    OWH Blog Team

  2. What a fantastically creative card-making duo! Love your cards, and the caring and sense of fun you put into them!

  3. So great to see and hear about your wonderful creations with your son. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Thanks for sharing your talents (and Thomas') with us via OWH. My daughter & I craft together...but the joke between us is that I have to use tools, tools and more tools to create a certain look and she just does it all freehand, with just a pen and scissors. I tell her we all can't have that kind of talent, haha.