Monday, March 11, 2013

Design Bootcamp- focal point

This months bootcamp lesson was creating a focal point. I started with OWH sketch #81. The original sketch has the sentiment off in the upper right corner and an embellishment in the lower left corner. I grouped the embellishment and sentiment together to create a stronger focal point.

Here's another card using the same sketch and idea with grouping the sentiment and embellishments.
This card started with OWH sketch #152. The sentiment is stamped on white cardstock and matted with dark purple to help it pop. By keeping the flower sticker on the same piece as the sentiment it all stays tied together as a single focal point.

Creating cards with a strong design is easier when design elements are grouped together. Add in last months lesson on color, and great cards are sure to happen. :)


  1. Great job on these Theresa! I am particularly glad to know that you didn't shy away from adjusting the sketch to make it work for you. Grouping the elements together in each of these really works well and there is no confusion as to what the eye sees first. In cards #1 and #2 you look right at the flowers/sentiment piece and on third card, the center placement, strong contrast and dark purple scalloped mat draw the eye right where you intended. Thanks for joining in the February Bootcamp.