Monday, May 28, 2012

I survived!!

My poor blog has been a little neglected this month. I got a post up the first and then one for the OWH Memorial Day hop, (which I had forgotten that I signed up for until the reminder email landed in my inbox. oppps!). To say I was a little distracted the past few weeks would be an understatement.

Many, many, months ago a very good friend asked if I would take her wedding pictures for her. I was very reluctant to take on this very important task. See, I'm a sports photog. Action shots. Candids, mostly. No telling people where to stand. How to hold their hands, in their pockets? Down at their sides? Tilt the head a little or straight? Oh, just thinking about those things gave me hives! There is no, "I'll try again to get that shot at the next tournament if I don't get it this week." There are no do-overs in wedding photography. But Cindy wore me down. She knows I'm a softy. :)

So in preparing for this hive inducing adventure I pestered & annoyed all of my photog friends. They all told me I would be fine. I have the skills and the gear (some of which gear I borrowed), I could do it. For months they told me this. Just put on your bossy hat & go for it. Bossy? Me? Could I be bossy? (Apparently I am. I don't see myself that way at all. May have to rethink that perception of myself....). I spent hours pouring over my photography how-to books. Surfed the internet for posing ideas. Made lists and notes like crazy. Emergency chocolate was packed in the camera bags weeks in advance. Photog friend was on speed dial. When the big day came, I was ready.


I was not prepared for the BRIDE to be late. Gown malfunctions.  Flowers needing to be picked up and pinned on. Pastors to be located. Wedding coordinator? What wedding coordinator? Wait, that was me too. Only having 30-40 minutes to take ALL of the formal pictures....

There was NO time to be scared or stressed once everyone was dressed, flowered, and finally rolling. No time for a speed dialed friend & a talk back from the ledge. I am soooo glad I had my lists & Thomas to walk by and say, "Breathe, Mom, breathe".

 Thomas was my second shooter for the day. My rock. My "here is a piece of chocolate". My calm with his shy little smirk. My "I must keep it together in front of my Monster. He can't see his Mom fall apart and turn into a puddle of goo..."

BUT, I learned A LOT about myself one week ago Saturday.

 I am pressure player.
I can be assertive, OK, bossy, when it's called for.
I can still do what I'm most comfortable with, (candid, non-posed stuff) within a wedding setting.
 I don't have to really understand Photoshop to be a REAL photographer.

Weddings are not something that I want to do a lot of. But the next time one is brought up, my reaction won't be, HELL NO, it will be lets negotiate. ;)

Happy One Week-aversary Mr & Mrs Bailey! I hope you had a GREAT time at the Happiest Place on Earth!

now back to the final selecting of pictures for the Bride... 1200+ pictures take awhile to sort through.... ;)


  1. It looks like you go some terrific shots Theresa. Congratulations on making it happen!

  2. You did awesome!! Great job! And for the record, real photographers shouldn't need to 'fix' their shots with photoshop. That means you are real, and it shows!!