Tuesday, August 30, 2011

sketch #84 for OWH & a rant

card for this week's sketch from the stars & stamps blog.

I used Frances Meyer stickers from deep in my stash (I've been cleaning out the scrap room and trying to use what I'm finding. The stuff that is no longer fun is outa here!). Sizzix snowflake #6 embossing folder. Red & black checked ribbon is also from my stash. I uncovered 9 of these stickers sheets so I made 9 cards. Some of the pieces are backed with white, cut out and popped up with Sandy's roll of dimensional adhesive. :o)

Making these were my sanity saver today after our less than positive experience at Ted Brown Music. They lost a very long time customer today. (I figured it out that it was 30 years ago that my flute was purchased there....) I was not a happy girl when we left there this morning. I was all set to spend $1,500 to 2,000 today, but because they refused to apply ALL of my rental payments, I declined to purchase a better model of clarinet from them. Their offer was 6 months of payments. Ummmm, I don't think so. $96 vs 576 on a $1,500 model. So now, their competition will get my $$ and I will be telling anyone and everyone NOT TO BELIEVE THEM WHEN THEY TELL YOU ALL OF YOUR RENTAL PAYMENTS WILL APPLY TO AN UPGRADE PURCHASE. Quoting the manager that I talked to (in a VERY condescending & patronizing voice)-- "They don't have the time & it's too expensive to train the temp hires that they use for the school band nights so sometimes the info that is given out isn't quite correct. And in all the noise & confusion people tend to 'hear what they want to hear.' And if he applied ALL that rental money, how would he make anything?" Well buddy, how are you going to make any money if I don't shop there & tell everyone I know of my experience & strongly suggest to not shop there & they tell their friends & they tell their friends..... Karma buddy, karma. All for $500 rental credit. [/rant over]


  1. Oh man! I always liked Ted Brown, but this is terrible. What a bum deal - did you try kicking it upstairs higher than that manager??

    (Really pretty card by the way!)

  2. Beautiful card, Theresa! That's a great way to use stickers. Thanks for joining us in this week's OWH Stars & Stamps Sketch Challenge!