Wednesday, July 11, 2012

finding a little mojo

After seeing the post about Kelly Paper & their paper selection on Facebook, I decided to stop by the Seattle store today after work. Turns out they are just a few blocks from work & are open at 7:30!!! Perfect! since I am usually done around then. :) (the Seattle store is also open from 9-1 on saturdays even though it isn't listed on their website...)

I found a ream of AWESOME white cardstock. Not the one I originally went in for, but it might just be even better. (Jeremy, the assistant manager, pointed it out when they were out of the one I originally went in for...)When I got home I had to test it out with my markers. If they bled all over, no sense in getting any more. Here's the results---

I gave it Sandy's fold test- no collapsing. It's sturdy enough to hold up to lots of embellies. It passed my copic test. No bleeding or feathering. Even with the red-violet which I usually have trouble with. It gets a 2 thumbs up from me & I will be purchasing more once I use up the white that I have.

Oh! This is the paper that I got-
It works out to about $0.06 per sheet or $0.03 per card base. Not much more than I was paying for the GP110 at Walmart. Definitely worth it for the added heft and yummy-ness! 

Now off to discharge a few boxes of card hospital patients at Sandy's house and then to pick up the Super Stamper at tennis practice. Will hopefully be back to play some more later this afternoon....

stamp is house mouse. copic markers. echo park striped paper. bazzill cardstock for the pink. glossy accents on raindrops and eyes.

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  1. Great card and testimony!
    Will be looking for that paper.